Plugin Installation

Installing custom plugins

As an authorative user perform the commands below to install a plugin:

$ cp /opt/arcapix/usr/share/apsearch/plugins
$ chown apsearch:apsearch /opt/arcapix/usr/share/apsearch/plugins/
$ chmod 755 /opt/arcapix/usr/share/apsearch/plugins/

Configuring the plugin path

The plugin path should have been set to the default /opt/arcapix/usr/share/apsearch/plugins during PixStor Search install.

You can verify the configured plugin path with

$ python -m arcapix.config --get

If the path hasn’t been configured, or if you want to change the plugin path, use

$ python -m arcapix.config --set <plugin_path>

If you set/change the plugin path, you will need to restart PixStor Search (see below)

PixStor Search will only use custom plugins installed in the configured plugin path

Reloading the Environment

Instruct PixStor Search to register the new plugin via the following command line:

$ systemctl restart apsearch-middleware