0.5.0 - 2018-11-14

Bug fixes:

  • RNDEAS-655: Finder stop tries to read pid from lock file
  • RNDEAS-676: Refine finder include/exclude matching
  • RNDEAS-679: Permission error when checking if files are offline

Feature enhancements:

  • Support for combining database queries

0.4.0 - 2018-10-03

Bug fixes:

  • RNDEAS-474: File security check error for unicode filenames
  • RNDEAS-559: Text fields being sorted by tokenised values
  • RNDEAS-562: PickleError from ‘finder remove’
  • RNDEAS-575: Make file security checks nGeanea-safe
  • RNDEAS-599: Make sure async job engine can import user plugins
  • RNDEAS-618: Add missing config documentation
  • RNDEAS-621: Exiftool fails for large video files
  • RNDEAS-628: Ingest dies if file can’t be read
  • RNDEAS-629: Security checker randomly fails
  • RNDEAS-630: Validate plugin reports ‘hint’ field as unknown field error

Feature Enhancements:

  • RNDEAS-175: Support for offline files
  • RNDEAS-447: Tool for cleaning up orphaned proxy files
  • RNDEAS-519: Support for interfacing with external resources
  • RNDEAS-576: Add file-type (core.type) metadata field
  • RNDEAS-637: Search recursively for plugins in plugin path


  • RNDEAS-504: APConfig and APAuth split into separate packages
  • RNDEAS-523: Configurable lock path
  • RNDEAS-534: Remove misleading logging of exceptions on proxy move
  • RNDEAS-557: Increase pagination limit to 1000
  • RNDEAS-558: Make date aggregations return ints rather than floats
  • RNDEAS-573: Configurable proxy-gen work directory
  • RNDEAS-579: Remove default value for proxy-gen work directory - must be configured explicitly
  • RNDEAS-591: Convert classmethod generate_temp_filename to standalone utility function
  • RNDEAS-613: Async jobs only run on HTCondor nodes configured for apsearch
  • RNDEAS-622: Remove misleading logging of exception when Pillow can’t open an image
  • RNDEAS-625: Improved handling of errors from exiftool
  • RNDEAS-649: Change type of and to long

0.3.1 - 2018-04-13

Bug fixes:

  • RNDEAS-565: issues generating docs for rpm build

Feature enhancement:

  • RNDEAS-487: move example plugins to public repo
  • RNDEAS-569: example plugin for extended image thumbnail support

0.3.0 - 2018-02-01

Bug fixes:

  • RNDGPA-234: fix uid/gid lookup on SSSD
  • RNDEAS-445: proxygen fails when proxy already exists

Feature enhancements:

  • RNDEAS-465: add plugin validation tool
  • RNDEAS-499: support for incremental ingest (scan) without snapshots
  • RNDEAS-501: add ingest locking
  • RNDEAS-501: add support for email alert on ingest error
  • RNDEAS-501: add stop command to kill ingest gracefully
  • RNDEAS-502: improve snapshot rotation for ingest
  • RNDEAS-506: database cleanup tool

Incompatible changes:

  • RNDEAS-268: logging controlled via APDEBUGLOG and APDEBUGLEVEL environment variables
  • RNDEAS-500: rename monitor to finder
  • Various database schema changes - NOTE: you will need to delete any existing Elastic DB
  • Integrated eve-easysearch package - NOTE: you may need to remove the existing package manually

0.2 - 2017-07-14

  • Initial release