The ArcaPix Management REST API (APMgmt-REST) provides access to an abstracted view of the PixStor storage system. As such, it does not provide direct access to concepts familiar to conventional GPFS administrators, but rather provides an enhanced and more integrated approach.

Some things you can do with the Management REST API

The REST interface is the primary method for interacting with the PixStor system. Unlike many storage products, the PixStor system works using abstract concepts rather than being tied to a particular low-level filesystem, allowing for much greater flexibility in the underlying infrastructure.

The REST API lets you do things like:

  • Create an exposer, which can make your data visible to the outside world, typically using the NFS, CIFS (SMB), or native protocols
  • Create spaces, based on your profiles, pre-filled with your chosen templates, and secured to a specific group of users
  • Define and import templates for use in those workspaces.
  • Enumerate all of the above, and look at the history of changes via associated tasks.
  • Based on the requests you make, the Management REST API will create appropriate GPFS policies, filesets, CES/NFS/Samba configurations, and templates.

Current limitiations

(all of these will be resolved in later versions)

  • You cannot rename objects once they are created. You must delete the existing instance and create a new one with the desired name
  • You cannot change the profile, exposers, or templates associated with a workspace after creation
  • You cannot create a datastore (pool) – this must be done directly on the filesystem
  • You cannot configure backups or data replications.

Bugs, feature requests and patches

Please submit all such items to support@[arcastream|pixitmedia].com.


ArcaPix’s Management REST API is proprietary commercial software.

You may not distribute the API to any third party.

For further information, please consult the LICENSE file included.

Queries regarding licensing should be forwarded to support@[arcastream|pixitmedia].com.