Filesystem Snapshot Identifiers

The fssnap module provides objects that uniquely identify Filesystems and Snapshots. These are typically passed to other functions.

They also provide convenient, efficient, methods for converting between Filesystem and Snapshot identifiers.


These objects require root permission to create



Find the directory of a snapshot

>>> from arcapix.fs.gpfs.clib.fssnap import get_fssnaphandle_by_name, get_pathname_from_fssnaphandle
>>> # Create fssnap_handle object
... fs = get_fssnaphandle_by_name('mmfs1', 'global-snapshot1')
>>> # Get pathname
... print get_pathname_from_fssnaphandle(fs)

Find the name of the Filesystem a file belongs to

>>> from arcapix.fs.gpfs.clib.fssnap import get_fssnaphandle_by_path, get_fsname_from_fssnaphandle
>>> # Create FssnapHandle object
... fs = get_fssnaphandle_by_path('/gpfs/fs1/testfile.txt')
>>> # Get Filesystem name
... print get_fsname_from_fssnaphandle(fs)