The Filesystems Object is a container for the Filesystem Object for the associated cluster.


There are no user facing methods in this Object.

class arcapix.fs.gpfs.filesystems.Filesystems
get(k[, d]) → D[k] if k in D, else d. d defaults to None.


Utilising Filesystems from the Cluster Object

>>> from arcapix.fs.gpfs import Cluster
>>> # Print the block size for all file systems in the cluster
... mycluster = Cluster()
>>> for filesys in mycluster.filesystems.values():
...     print "Name: {0}\t Block size: {1}".format(filesys.deviceName, filesys.blockSize)
Name: mmfs1  Block size: 4194304

Utilising Filesystems directly

>>> from arcapix.fs.gpfs.filesystems import Filesystems
>>> fs = Filesystems()
>>> print fs.keys()
['mmfs1', 'mmfs2', 'mmfs3']