The Disks object is a collection of Disk objects


class arcapix.fs.gpfs.disks.Disks(filesystemName)

A collection of Disk objects

Parameters:filesystemName (str) – Name of the Filesystem to which the collection of disks belongs

Return the name of the filesystem to which the disks belong

Return type:str

Returns the name of the filesystem the disks collection is associated with

Return type:str

Returns the number of quorum disks

Return type:int

Returns the read quorum value

Return type:int

Returns the write quorum value

Return type:int


Look-up the size of the disks in the ‘system’ storage pool

>>> from arcapix.fs.gpfs import Pool
>>> # create a pool object
... p = Pool('system', 'mmfs1')
>>> # loop over the disks
... for d in p.disks.values():
...    print d.id, d.diskSize
md3200_001_L000 10485760
md3200_001_L001 10485760

Look-up the metadata disks on a Filesystem

>>> from arcapix.fs.gpfs import Filesystem
>>> # create a Filesystem object
... fs = Filesystem('mmfs1')
>>> # list the metadata disks
... fs.disks.metadata().keys()
['md3200_001_L000', 'md3200_001_L001']
>>> # check which pool the disks belong to
... for d in fs.disks.metadata().values():
...    print d.id, d.storagepoolName
md3200_001_L000 system
md3200_001_L001 system